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Dispensary owners are busy. You do not have time to train new staff but you need well-trained staff in order to succeed. Through our e-course, we train your staff to elevate the cannabis experience by providing  a universal, 5-star experience and precise, valuable information to every customer so your business and employees can thrive and succeed.

Award Winning Author & Coach

Colleen Higgins, R.Ph., CDE, MTM, PMSP

Colleen Higgins is an author, speaker, and consultant who educates patients and cannabis manufacturers on the most effective ways to deliver cannabis as a medicine to the patients who need it.  

She has worked directly with patients in the role of pharmaceutical and cannabis distribution for over 25 years. She is certified in diabetes education (CDE), medication management (MTM) and as a Pain Management Specialty Pharmacist (PMSP).


Have you recently been prescribed medical cannabis and now feel completely lost?




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The Cannabis Prescription

In The Cannabis Prescription: How to Use Medical Marijuana to Reduce or Replace Pharmaceutical Medications, pharmacist Colleen Higgins, R.Ph. uses her experience working in a cannabis dispensary to instruct readers as to the most comfortable and effective way to begin using medical cannabis therapy, either when inhaled, used sublingually or when taken as an edible. 

CBG rolled joints image

How do I know if I need CBG?

CBG that can potentially help patients with some of the most difficult to treat diseases like ALS and Parkinson’s disease.

Cannabis for Plantar Fasciitis

Anyone who has experienced plantar fasciitis understands the daily pain involved with every step. Especially that first step out of bed in the morning. Ouch.   I experienced plantar fasciitis after I had my daughter, and it took a full year before it subsided...

The “New” Cannabinoids

delta-8-THC Naturally occurs in very low amounts in hemp Produced from CBD in hemp using a chemical solvent Relaxation without a high (although higher dosages may produce a high feeling) FDA reports adverse events including vomiting, hallucinations, trouble standing,...

5 Tips for Using a Battery with a Vape Cartridge

1. The thicker the oil, the higher the temperature needed when using an oil vape cartridge. But not too high! Older vape cartridges were often cut with thinning agents. Most manufacturers are moving to a more "pure" and thicker product which requires a temperature...

Updates on the Opioid Crisis

I recently watched a movie on Netflix called “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark” (excellent!). It’s about a writer who, in her own words, becomes “obsessed” with finding the Golden State killer. Her obsession for finding the killer eventually led to feelings of extreme stress...

The Latest on Cannabis for Neuropathy

I recently did a podcast with Jonathan Geiman of “The Joe Health Show”, a program designed to inform and educate on the mechanics of food and other supplements for the body.   It ended up being a fantastic conversation, which happens when the host asks well-informed...

Concentrated Cannabis Oil: The Good and the Bad

I hope everyone is doing well, mentally, and physically, as we continue to navigate this journey with COVID-19. It hasn’t been easy for anyone, that’s for sure. But of one thing I am certain – this too shall pass.   In the meantime, I thought I could shine a light on...

Cannabis Edibles: Transform Erratic Dosing Into Predictable Outcomes

With so much negative propaganda surrounding cannabis, it seems as if consumption of the plant should almost be self-explanatory. In my experience, this image could not be more far from the truth.   People who arrive at a medical cannabis dispensary require guidance...

Can Topical Cannabis Products Help Me with My “Work-from-Home” Neck and Back Soreness?

I am suffering with a “work from home body”. My shoulders and neck are sore and achy. Can I use a lotion with cannabis? Should I use one with just CBD or one that contains CBD and THC?   As we continue to implement social distancing measures to help fight the spread...

Changes Are On the Horizon!

Life is constant change.   For the past couple of months, I have begun working with a fantastic cannabis company and have found myself extra, EXTRA busy. Since I am a painfully slow writer, my blogging has suffered. The good news is that I have never read more books...

What is Hydroxychloroquine and Does it Work to Kill Covid-19?

There’s been a lot of chatter regarding a drug called hydroxychloroquine sulfate (brand name Plaquenil) lately, so I decided to do a little research to see why this drug was tapped as a possible treatment for COVID-19. As a pharmacist, we regularly dispense...

Calculating Your Dose from a Liquid Product

No one was more surprised than me to have arrived at the realization that I actually enjoy Twitter (@ColleenHiggy). I thought it would be a bunch of aggressive bullies but was happily surprised to encounter a group of people who are knowledgable, kind and passionate,...

Corner Piece to Big Pharma

Last week, the U.K. based pharmaceutial company, GW Pharmceuticals, hit a home run in terms of potential drug sales. Epidiolex, their plant-based CBD solution, was descheduled by the DEA. This removed the label of Epidiolex as a "controlled substance" and will make it...

How to Micro-Dose with Cannabis

The endocannabinoid system, the most prolific receptor system that is responsible for a myriad of human functions, is actually a balancing act. There is a theory, put forth by Dr. Ethan Russo, where a lack of cannabinoids can result in the development of several...

Is Cannabis a Panacea for Fear?

We are all now well into the quarantine period of the coronavirus, and everyone is either spending an exorbitant amount of time alone or in close proximity to their family. An argument can be made for either situation to be, shall we say, extremely challenging. Mild...

Can Cannabis Help Fight the Coronavirus?

I hope this week finds everyone settling in with some extra time at home. As we are living through the greatest pandemic of our lifetime (fingers crossed), I thought it was only fitting that I would write about the effects cannabis may have on the life of a virus....


When I finished my book at the end of 2019, there were 104 cannabinoids. As I write this post, I found recent reports identifying 113 cannabinoids. That’s how fast things change in the world of cannabis. CBG seems to be on deck as the next cannabinoid to earn some...

Behind the Name “Cannabis”

*Updated: Mar 15, 2020 Cannabis, or hemp, is one of the oldest, yet most misunderstood, medicines utilized by humans today. Along with the cultivated hop (used in beer), cannabis is part of the botanical family of Cannabaceae, and is thought to have originated in Asia...

Why Do We Inhale Medications?

*Updated: Mar 15, 2020 What exactly happens when we inhale a medication? The news is full of horror stories about the dangers associated with inhaling cannabis vapes, so why not end the debate and administer cannabis either under the tongue or as an edible? Is...

How to Properly & Effectively Dose CBD

*Updated March 14, 2020 I have been helping a 74 year old woman, Evelyn, who has been living with rheumatoid arthritis for the past 40 years navigate the medical cannabis market in her state.Medical Marijuana and Cannabidiol (CBD Oil) chemical formula. Growing premium...

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