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Vaporization Essentials:
Tools, Temps and Technical Issues

This free mini-course about the vaporization of cannabis is designed specifically for healthcare practitioners and dispensary staff that directly interact with consumers of cannabis products.

What you’ll learn in this mini-course:

An Overview on Vaporization

With so much information (and misinformation) about cannabis, it's easy to overlook the basics with hiring and training a team. That's why we start at the beginning and dig into the cannabis flower, oil, cartridges, and how the process occurs. This will support your team member to better educate your patients and customers.

A Closer Look At The Flower Vaporization method

During this free training, we will dive straight into the specifics of the flower vaporization process. By breaking down the steps to producing the cannabis oil, your dispensary team member will be able to better understand the importance of cleanliness and equipment maintenance.

Insights On Cannabis Equipment and Oil Concentrates

With your dispensary team being the first interaction some people may have with a professional in the field, it's important that they both know and understand all the equipment options and the variety of concentrates available. This free training will leave your team member feeling confident when interacting with any patient who decides to medicate with cannabis.

Meet Your Trainer


Colleen Higgins, R.Ph., CDE, MTM, PMSP

Colleen Higgins is an author, speaker, and consultant who educates patients and cannabis manufacturers on the most effective ways to deliver cannabis as a medicine to the patients who need it.

She has worked directly with patients in the role of pharmaceutical and cannabis distribution for over 25 years. She is certified in diabetes education (CDE), medication management (MTM) and as a Pain Management Specialty Pharmacist (PMSP).