Elevate the
Cannabis Experience™

Medical Dispensary Training Program

Train your team to provide a consistent, five-star dispensary experience to lead every patient to a successful outcome. 

The best part?

You fulfill your state's training requirements at the same time!

In under a decade, the cannabis industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar business with all but four states, providing either a medical or adult-use cannabis program.
Medical experts are required to help patients merge their pharmaceutical medications with cannabinoid therapy.
It's only a matter of time before cannabis is federally legalized - are you prepared?
Are you or your team prepared to integrate cannabis products into your patient's drug regimen?
Do you understand the optimal starting dosages for the cannabinoids sold in dispensary products?

Do you understand the implications of the current drug interactions for cannabis?

Do you know which delivery systems are available for cannabis and how the onset changes? 
Can you explain to a patient how the terpenes influence the overall effect of a product?
Can you explain to a patient how the effects of CBD, THC, CBN or CBG fit into their current treatment regimen?

Cannabis use among people over 65 years of age, patients living with chronic pain or dealing with side effects from chemotherapy, people with multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's disease (among many other disease states) are growing at an exponential rate.


Pharmacists and other healthcare practitioners are in an ideal role to integrate cannabinoid with pharmaceutical therapies.

Cannabinoid therapy is showing to be extremely successful in producing positive patient outcomes. I believe it is one of the most exciting developments in healthcare in decades.

Are you or your team prepared to counsel patients?

What about educate physicians and medical providers?

About Me

I’ve been a pharmacist for almost 25 years and in 2014 began working in the cannabis industry as a dispensary pharmacist.

My duties were not much different than working in a pharmacy - except I was counseling patients on cannabis instead of Zoloft, Vicodin or insulin.

Quickly, I discovered I was extremely under qualified to counsel patients on the proper way to begin using cannabis.

I didn’t understand the products. I didn’t understand what to recommend to patients if they didn’t want to smoke (most medical patients don’t want to smoke anything).

I didn’t know the correct starting dose for a THC edible or how long it took to start working nor how long it lasted.

I learned lesson after lesson on how to counsel patients who chose to medicate with cannabis.

Most patients who choose to medicate with cannabis do so because all other therapies have failed

My trial and error lasted over 2 years.

In 2020, I decided to take what I had learned and put it into a reference book so patients would have something they could refer on how to properly dose THC, CBD, CBN and other cannabinoids available in products sold in the dispensary.

Interestingly, dispensary pharmacists from around the country found the book a great training tool for new employees as dispensary owners are extremely limited in their ability to train their highly skilled staff on how to effectively and concisely counsel patients on cannabinoid therapy.

With no training on dispensary products or operations available, the lack of education was a major detriment for both patients and practitioners.

This is how the Elevate The Cannabis Experience Training Program was conceived.

Pharmacists, healthcare practitioners and medical dispensary staff receive the training they need to integrate cannabinoid therapy into their drug knowledge as more and more patients choose to medicate with cannabis.

Finally! Dispensary owners have a tool to help their business thrive and succeed.

Now you have an opportunity to take the ONLY program available that teaches you how to counsel a patient on the optimal way to medicate with cannabis using the currently available products.

You need to fulfill training requirements anyway – why not offer the best?

Cannabis is becoming the medicine of choice for more and more patients with pain, anxiety, neuropathy, Parkinson’s symptoms, GI disease and much more.

Are you prepared to counsel these patients so they feel confident in your knowledge as a drug expert?

Dispensary Owners:

Do you have frequent employee turnover?

Do you have difficulty retaining top-notch employees even though you pay well and offer great benefits?

Why? Where is it going wrong?

Healthcare personnel do not have access to training on the products sold in a medical dispensary, yet patients continue to integrate these products into their medical regimens.

Are you preparing these highly-skilled employees to succeed or are you setting them up for failure by not offering training that supports them in their new role as a cannabis pharmacist.

If you do not train your staff to provide valuable, focused patient care then you are preparing them to fail. Every dispensary is required to provide training.

Why not get some REAL value out of the program you offer your employees?

Each employee that leaves your business costs you thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Healthcare Providers:

Are you prepared to integrate cannabinoid therapy into a patient’s current pharmaceutical regimen?

People over 65 years of age are one of the largest groups of new cannabis users today. These patients experience exacerbated disease with complicated drug regimens.

Cannabis is turning out to be one of their safest and most effective options for these patients when looking for relief from disease and side effects from chemotherapy.

Are you prepared to answer their questions as the healthcare provider that you are?

Are you able to counsel a patient as to which medications may be able to be removed with the proper use of cannabis?

Do you understand how and why a patient may be able to reduce or replace such medications such as opioids, benzodiazepines, neuropathic medications with the use of cannabis?

If they decide to try cannabis, which cannabinoids help their Parkinson’s symptoms such as tremors and stiff muscles?

If they decide to try cannabis, will it help reduce their reliance on opioids?

If they decide to try cannabis, what’s considered “too much”?

If you have not received these questions yet, know that with the massive growth in the use of medical cannabis that its only a matter of time.

Be prepared to answer them with confidence.

Discover the 

Medical Training Program

The Elevate the Cannabis Experience medical dispensary training program is a focused, value-driven program designed to train dispensary staff to understand the delivery systems, dosages and cannabinoid effects for products sold in every dispensary across the country - and the globe.

Whether you own a dispensary and need a system to effectively train your highly skilled employees or you are a pharmacist or doctor who needs to integrate cannabis expertise into your current career, The Elevate the Cannabis Experience Medical Training program will prepare you to offer a 5-star experience to every patient you serve.

This course is FOCUSED on dispensary products and patient interactions. Period. 

We customize it to meet your state's onboard or continuing education requirements so you get the best of both worlds for one price.

You will receive:

6 modules filled with value driven content

The ODD Framework
Supportive PDFs including "Talking Points"  for staff
Weekly Q & A sessions on Dispensary Teams community group
Unlimited email support
Certificate of Completion

BONUS: A FREE digital copy of The Cannabis Prescription

A closer look inside this program...


Welcome! We prepare to ourselves to win!

You will receive an initial assessment to determine your current cannabinoid therapy knowledge which will be given again at the end of the program so you can track your progress.

Tools provided are the top cannabis strains of today and symptoms treated by each strain - just a little taste of what's to come.

Along with the top strains you will receive a download that includes the valuable and focused “Talking Points” for each delivery system. This directs you on exactly what patients needs to know to medicate properly and keep them safe.

Module 2

We move right along with how products are categorized in each dispensary - sativa/indica/hybrid/CBD-rich strains.

This is not only a naming system for cannabis, but an indicator of possible medical effects.

We stay focused on what will provide value to the patient, and leave the rest behind.

Module 4

Effects, starting doses, applications and side effects for all of the cannabinoids available as products sold in a dispensary: THC, THCA, CBD, CBN, CBG and delta-8-THC.

This module delivers information on the top six cannabinoids sold in dispensaries just as if they were pharmaceutical medications. 

Do you want to know about the grow cycle of an indica strain? Maybe. But you won’t find it in Module 4.

Its already packed with information on how to utilize cannabinoid therapy in practice.

Module 6

Follow through is everything.

What would you suggest if the patient gets a headache? What about if they don’t like to wait for an edible to work?

How to tackle patient complaints is our focus in module 6.

We want to help patients stay on track as cannabis therapy, and medicine, is a journey not a single visit.

We need to be able to discuss issues and solutions with patients.

Module 1

We dive right in with an introduction to the Endocannabinoid Receptor System. The ECS is the most prolific receptor system discovered in recent history and responsible for multiple physiological effects from fat metabolism to pain management to our fear response. This is the newest target for medical treatment and the products available in the dispensaries will mitigate a response.

In Module 1, we cover the components and the physiological effects of the ECS (Endocannabinoid Receptor System) so you can help patients integrate cannabis into their current treatment regimen.

From there we dive into the formation and decarboxylation of cannabinoids. We discuss the physiological effects of each cannabinoid sold in products in the dispensary and how the Entourage Effect influences the outcome.

Finally we introduce the “New” cannabinoids discovered each year.

Module 3

The BIG one - Delivery Systems!

You receive the ODD Framework training method which offers an effective, safe formula for assisting patients with dosages for multiple cannabinoids using each delivery system available:

  • Inhalation, sublingual, oral and topical delivery along with rectal and vaginal.

We discuss all of the tools of the trade from vape batteries to ingredients to watch in cannabis solutions and tinctures. By the end of module 3 you will be an expert in every product sold in a dispensary.

Tools: the focused "Talking Points" PDF download will identify the information the patient needs to know when counseling on each delivery system.

Module 5

Tools! Tools! Tools!

We start with a patient intake form template which will allow you to collect the most focused and valuable information from your patient before beginning a consultation.

Drug interactions are always a concern for healthcare professionals, so we keep this information current.

We discuss the optimal cannabinoids for such conditions as pain, GI pain, migraines, anxiety inflammation and more. This module is packed with insight on cannabis therapy applications.

References & Resources

This is a treasure trove of chosen studies, websites and supportive links that will allow you to expand your knowledge on cannabinoid application, receptor structure and just cool stuff.

What's the website with the best international studies. Got it here.


Free access to our mini courses on:

  • The ins and outs of oil and flower vaporization
  • Vaporizer batteries: tips and trouble shooting
  • Edibles: Proper starting dosages and frequency to keep you patients happy
Program Available NOW
$449 Single Payment or $150/month X 3 months

Frequently asked questions

  • about the program

  • about our guarantee

  • about licensing programs

Why do I need a dispensary training program?

Training is required. Most state's require onboard training, continuous education or both. Our program can be customized to fulfill your state's training requirements while also providing content on the products and accessories you actually sell. 

Employee turnover is expensive. If you don't train your staff on the products you sell then you fail to engage your staff in your business.

Do your employees know how to evaluate a patient's THC tolerance or do they simply recommend the strongest product available?

Does your staff put your business at risk by recommending edible doses that can land a patient in the hospital?

Instill confidence in your customers by training ALL of your staff to deliver a five-star experience.   

Do I need to pay $449 for every new employee?


Dispensary Teams offers a reduced group rate.

If this is a program for dispensary employees - is it appropriate for doctors and pharmacists?


This program is written by a pharmacist in healthcare language.

It's appropriate for dispensary employees who counsel patients AND for healthcare providers who have patients who medicate with cannabis.

You will learn about the endocannabinoid receptor system, the delivery systems, the cannabinoid applications and dosages as well as techniques that help you deliver this information to your patient without overwhelming them with the new language.

Cannabis is a new language.

If you care for patients who medicate with cannabis but tend to avoid the conversation because you don't understand the products - then this is the course for you.

I hire people who know and love cannabis. Why do I need to train them with a “training program”?

Do you have one employee who stands out while the rest are "ok"?

Does your staff put your business at risk by recommending products that are not appropriate for your patients?

Does your staff understand the appropriate starting dosages for THC for every delivery stem you carry?

Does your staff understand how to use accessories that are required to consume cannabis - such as the vape batteries you stock?

If the answer is "no",  then its time to invest in the kind of training that will level-up your customer's experience while you comply with your state's training requirements.