Basic Core Curriculum Certification

Responsible Vendor Training

Presented by Colleen Higgins, RPh owner of Dispensary Teams

Receive your Basic Core Curriculum Certification to fulfill the 4-hour required RVT training requirement for all Marijuana Establishment Agents in the state of Massachusetts.

Colleen has been working in dispensaries since 2014 and wants to share her expertise with your team.

Dispensary owners are busy. VERY busy.

You don't have time to train new staff but you DO need to comply with the state training regulations and you DO want well-trained employees in order to grow your business.

Yes - you will fulfill the Basic Core Curriculum requirement….so why not get valuable tips and advice from someone who has worked with patients for a decade.

Watch fun and engaging content with a focus on what’s important - and leave the dry stuff out.

Look for our Advanced Core Training coming soon!





  • Receive Basic Core Curriculum Certification
  • Fulfill ALL training requirements to allow you to become a Registered Marijuana Establishment Agent
  • Receive a hard copy certificate of completion for all employees to have for your records
  • Includes a One hour LIVE training session on any topic of your choice (per organization)
  • PLUS all live training sessions will be recorded and available for all your new hires to view at any time in the future.
  • Expert advice and 24 hour support

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