Dispensary Teams was launched in 2020 as an educational website designed to translate cannabis science, in order to make it more accessible for both patients and healthcare professionals. Discover our origin story, our founder's mission, and our mission for Elevate the Cannabis Experience™.

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Colleen is a pharmacist, author, and speaker who helps translate the complex world of pharmaceutical and cannabis medicine into an accessible language for patients and caregivers.

Colleen has been helping patients understand how to get the most out of their medications for almost thirty years, first in various retail pharmacies, and most recently as a cannabis pharmacist in the medical marijuana program in Connecticut.

While working with new patients, she immediately identified a need for professionally trained drug experts to bridge the gap between patients and the effective use of medical-grade cannabis products.

Clear instructions are crucial. If a patient does not understand how to properly use their medicine, any medicine, they won’t continue to use it and you’ve lost that customer forever.

In March of 2020, Colleen published her first book, The Cannabis Prescription: How to Use Medical Marijuana to Reduce or Replace Pharmaceutical Medications.

She created Dispensary Teams so dispensary owners would have the tools they needed to train every new employee to provide a consistent, five-star customer experience to help their business thrive.

Colleen spends as much of her free time as possible on the beach in Milford, Connecticut while playing active mother to her daughter and crazy rescue dog. She participates in her favorite triathlon – the New York City Olympic distance triathlon – every year (ten times and counting) and looks forward to it every July.

She was part of a team that completed the Swim Across the Sound which raises money for any and all expenses accrued for patients during their cancer treatment. She is a New York City Marathon finisher and will never do that again. She completed the Timberman Half Ironman triathlon in New Hampshire and would love to do that again.

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