5 Tips for Using a Battery with a Vape Cartridge

1. The thicker the oil, the higher the temperature needed when using an oil vape cartridge. But not too high! Older vape cartridges were often cut with thinning agents. Most manufacturers are moving to a more “pure” and thicker product which requires a temperature between 2.5V and 4.0V to operate properly. Start low and increase slowly. The temperature is right when the oil vaporizes easily and does not feel hot.


2. Turning up the temperature on your battery can “burn” your throat. If your throat hurts after using your vape then try lowering the temperature. This can also improve the flavor of the oil.


3. If your vape gets stored on its side or upside down then the oil will be drawn away from the bottom of the unit where the heat source resides. Hold vapes upright when storing or using.


4. Cotton wick vape cartridges have a high failure rate and can burn the oil easily. A “burned” oil tastes horrible and can’t be fixed. Look for vape cartridges that have an atomizer as the heat source. The good news is that the market has moved away from cotton wick vape cartridges.


5. Buy a vape with a battery indicator. You never want to be caught with a dead battery. The Eleaf Istick has a super long battery life and has been my recommendation for years. The mini version is a powerful, small unit.


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