Cannabis for Plantar Fasciitis

Anyone who has experienced plantar fasciitis understands the daily pain involved with every step. Especially that first step out of bed in the morning. Ouch.

I experienced plantar fasciitis after I had my daughter, and it took a full year before it subsided completely. I used to sit at work while rolling a frozen can of tomato paste on the arch of my foot. It felt like heaven, but the relief never lasted.

Foot soaks, stretching and strengthening of the feet, and the use of foam rollers can help with the pain, although regular consumption of ibuprofen (one of my faves) is a no-no due to the increased risk of stroke and stomach ulcers.

I recently bought a pair of orthopedic slippers…even an infrared sauna blanket in my desperate search for relief.

To my own surprise, the best thing I found for the pain is CBD- both topically and systemically. I tried it on a whim and was thrilled with the results.

Personally, I like between 30mg to 40mg of CBD, but I have witnessed people who take 50mg and above. If I take a dose above 40 mg then I tend to get a headache.

I also like to apply creams with CBD and THC to my painful feet and lay in the infrared sauna blanket. It helps the cannabinoids penetrate deep into the skin and just makes everything feel better.



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